Church Views from Old Picture Postcards

Information Page and How to Order a scanned copy:

Cost per scan is 3.00 each

More information about the scans: each scan is created at 300dpi = 220ppi approx.

standardised on-screen size = 1602 x 1024 pixels (huge!)

actual standardised image size = 135.7 x 86.7 mm (standard postcard size)

scans will vary in physical size from 100kb to 1,000kb+
- download times may vary depending on the file size and your connection speed -

- many of the images have been digitally enhanced to make them appear better than the original! -

please note: the Copyright watermark does not appear in the downloaded copy.

How to select a view and make an order:

  • Click on the area/county that you are interested in viewing

  • scroll through the list of placenames 
    - they are in alphabetical order -

  • click on the coloured dot next to the title to see a scanned view will appear in a new window with most browsers -

  • if you wish to make a purchase - then click the Buy Now button - or close the window to return to the list -

  • once completed browing/purchasing go to checkout - you will be returned to this site afterwards -

  • your selection(s) will be sent via e'mail once notification has been recieved from PayPal

  • your order will be sent to the e'mail address used by Paypal - please indicate in the notes if a different e'mail address should be used -

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Payment Information

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~ don't forget to send an e'mail address to send the scanned image(s) to ~
any questions - please ask
all enquiries:
church_postcard_views (you will need to remove the brackets around the ampersand symbol in order to send!)

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