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London South West

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 Balham - Church of the Holy Ghost Interior,            Balham - Holy Trinity Church and the Fire Station,            Balham - St Johns Church, Bedford Hill,          
 Balham - St Marys Church,            Barnes Church,          Barnes Parish Church Interior,        
 Battersea - All Saints Church,               Battersea Park Tabernacle,             Battersea - Christ Church,           
Battersea - St Lukes Church Nightingale Lane,               Battersea - S Lukes Church Thurleigh Road,               Battersea - St Phillips Church,        
Battersea Rise - St Marks Church Interior,              
Brixton - Angel Road and St Johns Church,                Brixton - St Johns Church,           
Brixton Hill - Corpus Christi Church,          Brixton Hill Congregational Church,         
Brixton North - Christ Church with inset portrait,             Brixton Road and Christ Church,             Brixton - St Mathews Church,         
Brompton London Oratory Chapel of Lady Magdalene,         

Chelsea - Christ Church,          Chelsea - Convent of Adoration Repartrice,         Chelsea - Old Chelsea Church,         
Chelsea - St Lukes Church,          Chelsea - St Lukes Church Interior,        
Chelsea - St Michaels Church Chester Square,          Chelsea - St Pauls Church Onslow Square,          
Chelsea - St Peters Church Eaton Square,            Chelsea - St Saviours Interior,               
Chelsea Wesleyan Church,            Chelsea - Whitelands College Chapel,            Clapham Christ Chuch Interior,                 
Clapham Common - Parish Church,                  Clapham Common Old Church,         Clapham Common - St Barnabas' Church,        
Clapham Parish Church,          Clapham Redemptorist Church,          Clapham - St James Church,         
Clapham - St Marys Church,          Clapham - St Marys Private Oratory,          Clapham - St Saviours Church,         
Clapham - St Stephens Church,          Clapham - The Church,        Clapham Park - All Saints Church,          Clapham Park - St Bedes,         

 East Sheen - Christ Church,      

 Fulham - All Saints Church,        Fulham - Dawes Road Congregational Church,        Fulham - Munster Park Wesleyan Church,      
 Fulham - St Oswalds Interior,        Fulham Servite Church Interior,      

 Knightsbridge - St Pauls Church Interior,      

 Lambeth Church Interior,         Lambeth Palace and Church,        
Lavender Hill - Church of the Ascension,         Lavender Hill - Church of the Ascension Interior,        

Pimlico - St Barnabas Church,         Pimlico - St Gabriels Church,          Pimlico - St Saviours Church,        
Putney - St Marys Church,         Putney - Wesleyan Church,         Putney Church,        

Queens Gate - St Augustines Church,      

Roehampton - Catholic Church of St Joseph,          Roehampton - Church and Convent of the Sacred Heart,        
Roehampton Church - Putney Heath,        

Smith Square - St Johns Church,           South Kensington - Brompton Oratory,           South Kensington - St Augustines Church,          
South Kensington - St Lukes Redcliffe Square,           South Kensington - St Peters Church Cranley Gdns,        
South Lambeth - St Barnabas Church,              St Margarets Westminster,         
South Wimbledon - Holy Trinity Church,           South Wimbledon Wesleyan Church,          
Streatham - English Martyrs Catholic Church,             Streatham - English Martyrs RC Church Interior,             Streatham Parish Church,          
Streatham - St Leonards,         Streatham - St Peters Church,          
Streatham - Wesleyan Church,           Streatham - Wesleyan Church Interior,          

Streatham Common - Emmanuel Church,          

Tooting - All Saints Church,        Tooting - All Saints Church Interior,       
Tooting - St Nicholas Church,        Tooting - The Parish Church,      Tooting Trinity Church Interior,       

Upper Tooting - Holy Trinity,     

Walham Green - Dawes Road Congregational Church ,        Walham Green - St Johns Parish Church ,       
Wandsworth - All Saints Church,           Wandsworth - All Saints Church Devonshire Road,           Wandsworth - Christ Church Union Grove,      
Wandsworth - Roman Catholic Church and Library,            Wandsworth - St Anns Church,             Wandsworth - St Marks Church,         
Wandsworth - St Marky Magdelane Church,         
Wandsworth - St Roberts Church and Presbytery,          Westminster Abbey,            West Brompton - St Marks College Church Interior,         

Westminster Chapel,           Westminster Chapel - Exterior,               Westminster Chapel - Interior,           
Westminster - St Johns Church Smith Square,            Westminster - St Margarets Church,          
Westminster - St Stephens Vicarage and Church,             Wimbledon - Christ Church,            
 Wimbledon - Church of the Sacred Heart,                Wimbledon - Church of the Sacred Heart Interior,              Wimbledon Parish Church,            
Wimbledon - St Marys Church,         Wimbledon - St Marys Church Interior,         Wimbledon Wesleyan Church,            

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