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Aldgate Church,       

Bethnal Green - All Saints Church High Altar,     Bethnal Green - St Marks Church Victoria Park,         
Bethnal Green Church,           Bethnal Green - Parish Church of St Paul,           Bethnal Green - St James the Great,   
Bethnal Green - St James the Less, Victoria Park,           Bethnal Green - St Johns Church,   
Bethnal Green - The Vicar and Clergy St James the Less,           Bethnal Green - Victoria Park - Church of St Augustine,         
Bow - 26 Bow Road - The Chapel,              Bow Church,                Bow - Convent of St Katherine,      
Bow - High School St Catharines Convent,         Bow - Holy Trinity Church,           Bow - Presbyterian Church,        
Bow - St Marys Church - The Avenue,           Bow - St Stephens Church,       
Bow - St Stephens Church Interior,           Bromley-by-Bow - St Leonards Parish Church,      
Brougham Road Harvest Festival,      

Canning Town - Chapel of the Anunciation,    
Canning Town - Holy Trinity Church Barking Road         Canning Town - St Margarets & All Saints,      
Cubitt Town - Christ Church,        Custom House - St Matthews Interior,     
Custom House - St Matthews - Victoria Docks,      

East Ham Parish Church,        East Ham - New Catholic Church,         East Ham - St Barts and Barking Road,        

Forest Gate - All Saints Church,      Forest Gate - Emanuel Church Romford Road,   
Forest Gate - Katharine Road UM Church,       Forest Gate - Katharine Road UM Church Interior,       Forest Gate Parish Church,       
Forest Gate -  Romford Road Congregational Church,        Forest Gate - St Anthonys Church,    Forest Gate - St Anthonys RC Church Interior,   
Forest Gate - St Anthonys High Altar,    Forest Gate - St Anthonys Altar,    Forest Gate - St Anthonys Church Friary,     
Forest Gate - St Anthonys Church Lady Chapel,       
Forest Gate - St Saviours Parish Church,        Forset Gate - United Methodist Church 
Forest Gate - Woodgrange Cemetry,       Forest Gate - Woodgrange Baptist Church Romford Road,      

Haggerston - All Saints Church,          Homerton Church,     

Leyton - All Saints Church,       Leyton - Fetter Lane Congregational Church,    
Leyton - St Josephs High Altar,       Leyton - St Josephs Interior,       Leyton - St Josephs Lady Altar,      
Leyton Parish Church,       Leyton - St Marys Parish Church,       Leyton - St Saviours Church,       

Leyton Tabernacle Primitive Methodist Church,       Leytonstone Congregational Church,          
  Leytonstone - Wesleyan Methodist Church,           Leytonstone - Church, St Patricks Catholic Cemetery,        
  Leytonstone - Interior Church St Patricks Catholic Cemetery,       Leytonstone Parish Church - portrait view,         
Leytonstone - St Andrews Church,          Leytonstone - St John Baptist Church,          
Leytonstone - St Johns Church,       Leytonstone - St Johns Church Interior,           Leytonstone - Wesleyan Church, Leytonstone,      
Limehouse Church,         Limehouse Church Interior,       Limehouse - St Pauls Church and the Burdett Road,      
Limehouse - Interior St Pauls Burdett Road,             Limehouse - St Johns Lady Chapel Halley Street,        Limehouse - Den Danske Kirke King Street,     

Manor Park - All Saints Church,     Manor Park - St Michaels Church,    Manor Park - United Methodist Free Church,          
Maryland Point - Trinity Presbyterian Church,          
Mile End - Church of the Guardian Angels,        Mile End - Church of the Guardian Angels - the Nave,     
Mile End - Church of the Guardian Angels - the Rood,        Mile End - Church of the Guardian Angels - the Sanctuary,     
Mile End - East London Tabernacle - exterior,       Mile End - East London Tabernacle - interior,     
Mile End - Great Assembly Hall - exterior,       Mile End - Great Assembly Hall - interior,     
Mile End - St Benets Church,        Mile End - St Lukes Burdett Road,      

North Woolwich - St Johns Church,      

Plaistow - Balaam Street Congregational Church,        Plaistow - Interior of St Marys Church,       Plaistow - New Tabanacle, Barking Road,      
Plaistow - St Andrews Church,       Plaistow - St Andrews Church Interior,       Plaistow - St Andrews Church Interior view,      
Plaistow - St Joseph's RC Church,        Plaistow - St Marys Church,        Plaistow - St Mathias Church,      
Poplar - All Hallows Church,        Poplar - All Saints (Parish Church),     
Poplar & Bromley Tabernacle Band,       Poplar - Bath Street Chapel,        Poplar - Convent F C J Howrah House Exterior,      
Poplar - Convent F C J Howrah House Interior,      Poplar - Interior of St Saviours Church,      
Poplar - St Frideswides Church,         Poplar - St Mathias Church,        
  Poplar - S S Mary and Joseph E Presbytery and Church,      Poplar - St Michael and all Angels Church,     
Poplar - St Stephens Church,        Poplar - The Clergy of St Saviours Church,       Poplar - Trinity Congregational Church,     
Poplar - The Wesleyan Church East India Dock Road,       Poplar - Victoria Seamens Rest - John Cory Hall,      

Shadwell - St Pauls Church,        Shadwell - St Paul - Interior 1949,       
Shoreditch Church - portrait view,        Shoreditch - St Leonard Old Church,        Silvertown - General Interior SS Mary and Edwards,     
  Silvertown - Saint Lukes Church,        Silvertown - St Lukes Church Interior,        Silvertown - Saint Marks Church,     

Spitalfields Parish Church,       
Stepney Church with inset view,          Stepney - Bishop of Stepney,
          Stepney - German Wesleyan Chapel,      
Stepney - Holy Trinity Church,           Stepney - Holy Trinity Church Interior,          
Stepney - London Wesleyan Mission Interior View,  
Stepney Rectory,        Stepney - St Augustines, Settles Street,           Stepney - St Georges Church from the Grounds,
Stepney - St Mary's and St Michael's Church,         Stepney - St Mary & Michaels Church - The Nave,          
Stepney - St Marys and St Michaels Church - Blessed Altar,            Stepney Temple,            Stepney - Wycliffe Chapel,           
Stratford Congregational Church,            Stratford - Exterior of St Columba Church,    
Stratford Parish Church Interior,        Stratford - St Francis Church,            Stratford - St Francis Church Interior,            Stratford - St Johns Church,           
Stratford - St Pauls Church,            Stratford - St Pauls Church Interior,            Stratford - The Wesleyan Chapel,       

Upton Park - Little Ilford Church,         Upton Park - Roman Catholic Church Green Street,         Upton Park - St Stephens,

Walthamstow - Parish Church Interior,        Walthamstow - St Georges Old Presbytery,          
Walthamstow - St Marys Church,           Walthamstow - St Marys Church Interior,        Walthamstow - St Marys Reredos,       
Walthamstow - St Michael and All Angels Church,           Walthamstow - St  Michael and All Angels Church Interior,          
Walthamstow - St Peters in the Forest,        Walthamstow - St Saviours Church,          
Walthamstow - St Stephens Church,           Walthamstow United Methodist Free Church,          
Wanstead - Christ Church,         Wanstead - Grove Rd & Congregational Church,      
Wanstead - Holy Trinity Church Hermon Hill,           Wanstead Parish Church,    Wanstead Old Church,        
Wapping - Christ Church Watney Street,           Wapping - Christ Church - Interior - Watney Street,     
Wapping - Interior, St Pauls Church, Dock Street,           Wapping - St Georges Church,      
Wapping - St Georges Wesleyan Chapel,           Wapping - St Georges Wesleyan Chapel - interior,      
Wapping - St Patricks Church Interior,            Wapping - St Peters London Docks Interior,      
Wapping - Swedish Lutheran Church Princes Square,           Wapping - Wapping Bridge showing Wapping Church,       
West Ham Parish Church,           West Ham Parish Church - The Pulpit,      
West Ham Memorial Church,           West Ham - St Anthonys Church Interior,           West Ham - St Mathews Church,       
Whitechapel Church,              Whitechapel - Monastry and Church St Anne's Underwood Street E1,       
Whitechapel Primitive Methodist Mission,             Whitechapel Primitive Methodist Mission Multiview,       
Whitechapel - St Annes Catholic Church Interior,          Whitechapel - St Phillips London Hospital Church Interior,         

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